Dentures and Partials

Hilton Head Island, Bluffton, South Carolina

Missing several teeth does not just affect the appearance of your smile – it also affects the way your remaining teeth function. When you are missing many teeth in a row, you may experience:

  • Changes in bite tension
  • Shifting of adjacent teeth
  • Excessive wear on your remaining teeth
  • Difficulty speaking properly
  • Difficulty eating certain foods

Dentures are removable dental restorations that can replace either a full or partial set of teeth. Hilton Head Island dentist Dr. Timothy Gross will custom design your dentures or partials to make them look and feel as natural as possible, restoring optimal strength to your bite.

Options for Dentures and Partials

Several types of dentures and partials are available today. Traditional dentures are complete sets of teeth and gums that are secured with adhesive, but Dr. Gross does not recommend this method of attaching dentures, since it is prone to slipping and creating other problems.

A better way of securing dentures is with dental implants. Implants provide a strong hold for your dentures, preventing them from falling or sliding out of position. Implants also help prevent further bone loss in your jaw, guarding against changes in the shape of your face. Other benefits of implant-supported dentures include:

  • Improved comfort
  • Full bite restoration
  • Completely natural-looking appearance
  • Limited need for future adjustments
  • No harmful impact on remaining teeth

While supporting dentures and partials with dental implants is the strongest and most reliable solution, it may not be right for everyone. During your initial consultation with Dr. Gross, we will evaluate your condition to determine the exact type of dentures or partials that would best meet your needs.

If you need to replacing your missing teeth, please contact Dr. Timothy Gross today to schedule a consultation. We serve patients in the Hilton Head Island and Bluffton areas of South Carolina.