Clear Braces

Hilton Head Island, Bluffton, South Carolina

Clear braces work in the exact same way as conventional braces. With gentle pressure from brackets and wires, your teeth will shift and straighten, allowing us to correct your bite and eliminate malocclusion. The primary difference between clear and conventional braces is that clear braces use ceramic brackets with white wires, which are not as obvious as their metal counterparts. Clear braces are a great option for adults and older teens who want their braces to appear more discreet.

Clear Braces vs. Conventional Braces

Both the brackets and wires in conventional braces are made of metal. This allows conventional braces to withstand strong bite force and tension without any difficulties. The white wire used in clear braces is also metal, but the brackets are ceramic. Because ceramic is not as capable of absorbing force, clear braces may not be the best option for correcting major bite issues in some patients. Dr. Gross will discuss whether or not this poses a problem during your consultation.

On the other hand, the materials comprising clear braces are less likely to irritate the sensitive soft tissues inside your mouth, making them more comfortable overall. Clear braces are a good compromise between metal braces and Invisalign®, since they are more cosmetically appealing than conventional braces, but can correct a wider variety of orthodontic problems than Invisalign®.

Finding the Right Solution For You

Dr. Gross strives to provide every patient with the same level of service he would expect for himself. During your orthodontic consultation, he will discuss all of your options with you in detail, recommending the treatment method that best meets your needs and your personal preferences.

If you would like to learn more about your orthodontic options in the Hilton Head Island, Bluffton and surrounding areas of South Carolina, please contact Dr. Timothy Gross today to schedule a comprehensive consultation.