Common Cosmetic Dental Problems

Hilton Head Island, Bluffton, South Carolina

Few people are born with a perfect smile. The pearly-white teeth that grace magazine covers and beam from television screens may look perfect, but nine times out of ten, they were not that way to begin with: they have been transformed through the art and science of cosmetic dentistry. Our Hilton Head Island dentistry team believes that everyone should be able to benefit from advanced cosmetic dentistry. With our state-of-the-art techniques and technology, we can give you the smile you’ve always wanted. And with a Fellowship in cosmetic and functional dentistry from the Las Vegas Institiute of Advanced Dental Studies, Dr. Gross is an accomplished cosmetic dentist.

Fixing Common Smile Flaws

The most common cosmetic dental problem we see and treat is tooth discoloration. Over time, the food and beverages you consume will inevitably have an effect on the whiteness of your smile. Our professional teeth whitening treatments can help you restore your teeth to a brilliant, natural white shade. We also provide methods of maintaining your whitening results.

Other problems commonly treated by Dr. Gross include:

  • Chipped, cracked, or broken teeth
  • Gaps between teeth or unevenly spaced teeth
  • Crooked or crowded teeth
  • Irregularly sized or misshapen teeth

For every aesthetic flaw in your smile, cosmetic dentistry has a solution. As they say in the world of art, “Form follows function”.   Some of our cosmetic dentistry treatments go beyond simply improving the aesthetic appearance of your teeth; they can help with functional issues, as well.  During a personal consultation, Dr. Gross will carefully examine your smile and discuss all of your options with you, helping you decide on a treatment plan that best meets your needs and goals.

Smile Makeovers

Many cosmetic dental problems can be addressed through a single procedure, such as porcelain veneers, but others may require a combination of procedures for the best results. We offer complete smile makeovers for patients who want to take advantage of more than one procedure to correct their smile.

We are passionate about dentistry and dedicated to helping each of our patients achieve the smile they deserve.

If you live in the Hilton Head Island, Bluffton or surrounding areas of South Carolina and are unhappy with any aspect of your smile, please contact Dr. Timothy Gross today to schedule your personal smile consultation.